DALL-E 3 须知的 20 种公式使用方法

上周末,DALL-E 3 正式加入Chat Gpt,目前 Plus 用户和企业用户已经正式使用该功能,不仅是用户设计输出方面,也为科研项目输出相关的图片。

如果您是免费用户,可以尝试用 Bingchat 和 Image creator 使用 Dall-e 3 模型。
Bingchat 地址链接:https://www.bing.com/new
Image creator 地址链接:https://www.bing.com/create

 1.Nature’s Majesty – 大自然的壮丽景观 
Prompt: “A serene landscape of [specific region], showcasing [dominant natural feature], inhabited by [species of animals], during [time of day or season].”
图片描述:A serene landscape of the African savannah, showcasing the vast grasslands, inhabited by elephants and zebras, during a golden sunset.

 2. Cinematic Snapshots – 电影般的瞬间 
Prompt: “High-resolution cinematic photograph capturing [subject or event], taken from [specific angle or perspective], employing [camera technique], to evoke [specific emotion or atmosphere].”
图片描述:High-resolution cinematic photograph capturing a bustling Tokyo street at night, taken from a bird’s-eye view, employing a long exposure, to evoke the frenetic energy and motion of urban life.

 3. Artistic Alchemy – 艺术炼金术 
Prompt: “Digital artwork blending [two distinct art styles], to depict [subject], integrating elements of [specific details or themes], creating a harmonious yet unexpected fusion.”
图片描述:Digital artwork blending Cubism and Japanese Ukiyo-e, to depict a geisha, integrating elements of fragmented geometric shapes and traditional woodblock aesthetics, creating a harmonious yet unexpected fusion.

 4. Platformer Game Design – 平台游戏设计 
Prompt: Concept art for a [game genre] set in [specific setting], showcasing [main characters or elements], detailed with [specific design style], emphasizing [specific theme or emotion].

图片描述:Concept art for a platformer game set in an enchanted forest, showcasing mystical creatures and hidden temples, detailed with hand-painted textures, emphasizing the theme of discovery and wonder.

 5. Interdimensional Realism – 跨维度写实主义 
Prompt: “Oil painting capturing a scene from [specific setting], blending realism with [specific surreal elements], creating [specific gateways or vistas] into [alternate dimensions or realities description].”

图片描述:Oil painting capturing a serene lakeside scene, blending realism with surreal elements, where the lake’s surface becomes a window into a vibrant alien world teeming with bioluminescent flora and fauna.

 6. Futuristic Fashion – 未来时尚 
Prompt: “Comprehensive design sketches for [occasion], showcasing outfits with [materials] enhanced by [tech elements], drawing inspiration from both [historical era] and [future predictions]. Accessories and footwear details are elaborated.”

图片描述:Comprehensive design sketches for a space gala, showcasing outfits with silk enhanced by luminescent threads, drawing inspiration from both Renaissance and predicted Martian styles. Details of anti-gravity heels and holographic tiaras are elaborated.

 7. Digital Domination – 数字霸主 
Prompt: “Website landing page design for a [specific product or service], incorporating [specific design elements or features], using [specific color palette or design style], with a focus on [specific call to action].”

图片描述:Website landing page design for a digital marketing agency, incorporating dynamic animations and client testimonials, using a bold red and black color palette, with a focus on “Schedule a Free Consultation.”

 8. Vintage Vignettes – 复古照片 
Prompt: “Photograph of a [specific decade] moment at [iconic location], highlighting [central characters] amidst a crowd.”

图片描述:Photograph of a 1960s moment at Woodstock, highlighting two young lovers dancing amidst a sea of festival-goers.

 9. Business Card Elegance – 商务名片优雅设计 
Prompt: “Business card design for an [entrepreneur or business type], using a [specific design style], with [specific elements or embellishments], aiming to leave a memorable and lasting impression.”

图片描述:Business card design for a bespoke tailor, using an art deco style, with gold foil patterns and intricate borders, aiming to exude elegance and craftsmanship.

 10. Urban Unveilings – 城市风景 
Prompt: “Pencil sketch capturing a [specific urban environment], highlighting [specific architectural or environmental features], detailed in [drawing technique], accentuated by [specific urban elements or activities].”

图片描述:Pencil sketch capturing a bustling marketplace, highlighting wrought-iron lamp posts and cobblestone paths, detailed in cross-hatching, accentuated by street performers and café terraces.

 11. Biomechanical Beauty – 生物机械之美 
Prompt: “Art piece depicting a [creature] embodying both [natural elements] and [mechanical components], set in a [type of environment] with [lighting conditions].”

图片描述:Art piece depicting an owl embodying both feathery wings and steampunk gears, set in a twilight forest with ethereal moonlight filtering through.

 12. Street Style Sensation – 街头风采之触 
Prompt: “Merchandise design for [specific brand or artist], suitable for [specific product type], using [specific art style], including [specific elements or symbols], aiming to appeal to [specific target audience].”

图片描述:Merchandise design for an urban streetwear brand, suitable for hoodies, using graffiti art style, including urban cityscape elements, aiming to appeal to trendy young adults.

 13. Box Office Hit – 大片风采 
Prompt: “Movie poster design for “[film title]”, showcasing [lead actors] in [dramatic poses] against [setting or backdrop], complemented by [specific graphic elements or typography].”

图片描述:Movie poster design for “Adrift”, showcasing two astronauts in action-packed poses against an alien planet backdrop, complemented by retro-futuristic typography.

 14. Painted Panoramas – 绘制全景画 
Prompt: “Expansive oil painting of [natural setting], with [specific flora and fauna], bathed in the glow of [light source], rendered in [specific style or technique].”

图片描述:Expansive oil painting of the Rocky Mountains, with towering pines and grazing elk, bathed in the soft glow of dawn, rendered in a classic impressionist style.

 15. Dynamic Dance – 充满活力的舞蹈 
Prompt: “Action shot capturing [type of dance], performed by [number of dancers], in [specific setting or environment], aiming to depict [specific emotion or energy].”

图片描述:Action shot capturing a tango duet, performed by a passionate pair, in a dimly lit ballroom, aiming to depict the fervor and intensity of their connection.

 16. Viral Marketing – 病毒式营销 
Prompt: “Marketing poster for a [product or service], using a [specific design style], showcasing [specific elements or features], with a catchy tagline that emphasizes [unique selling proposition].”

图片描述:Marketing poster for a smartwatch, using a futuristic neon style, showcasing its sleek design and fitness tracking features, with the catchy tagline “Wear the Future, Track the Now.”

 17. Metal Art -金属艺术 
Prompt: “Digital artwork using a liquid metal technique, portraying [specific subject] in [specific action or state], where the [specific metal type] texture flows and melds, capturing [specific light source] reflections and creating a sense of [specific emotion].”

图片描述:Digital artwork using a liquid metal technique, portraying a phoenix in mid-flight, where the silver texture flows and melds, capturing the sun’s reflections and creating a sense of fluidity and rebirth.

 18. Nautical Narratives – 航海故事 
Prompt: “Watercolor seascape of [specific maritime location], with [types of vessels or marine life], under [specific weather condition], rendered with [specific brushwork or technique].”

图片描述:Watercolor seascape of a serene harbor, with fishing boats and playful dolphins, under a pastel sunset, rendered with wet-on-wet blending.

 19. Contemporary Craftsmanship – 当代工艺品 
Prompt: “Sculpture design for a [type of public space], inspired by [modern art movement], utilizing [materials], showcasing [specific features or functionalities].”

图片描述:Sculpture design for an urban park, inspired by minimalism, utilizing polished granite, showcasing cascading water features with interactive light displays.

 20. Geometric Luminescence – 发光几何 
Prompt: Vector design focusing on [specific subject], using sharp geometric patterns illuminated from [specific source], creating a radiant mosaic that plays with [specific light interactions].

图片描述:Vector design focusing on a city skyline at night, using sharp geometric patterns illuminated from within, with each building and structure creating a radiant mosaic that plays with the contrasting moonlight and city lights.

参考地址 :https://twitter.com/_bryanmarley/status/1715801758532866089


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